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Creating a peaceful setting for the perfect nights sleep

Our bedroom had been a beautiful soft pink for a while and I have to admit I loved it, however Mr H wasn't so keen! So, when we got water damage through a leak on the chimney breast and decorating was in order, it was time for a change. Fair enough, after he had to put up with the pink for so many years. I have to admit I loved the pink walls, so saying goodbye was hard for me even with all its cracks and flaws, but a new colour was on the cards. Coincidentally I had been approached by Carpe Diem Beds of Sweden over the summer to work with them on their winter campaign and create/style a winter bedroom scene that you could hibernate in until the spring. Though I really like our current bed, how could I say no, and to be fair our mattress had seen much better days. So a plan took shape, our old bed would move into the spare room to create space in our master bedroom for something exciting and new!

And so the colour testing began, keen to go for a calm soft shade, but with a touch of colour to it, I went down the green route and started testing quite a variety of greens! Finally settling on Little Greene Normandy Grey a gorgeous vintage cool green tone with a hint of grey to it.

I also decided that we needed to bring back some of the original Victorian charm to this room, so set about putting in panelling on the wall the bed would be coming off. Due to an awkwardly positioned window, the layout did prove a little tricky to work out, but eventually we got there, through incorporating the window in the design and using it as base for the measurements for the full wall. I also went for a double panelled look to distract from the window. Here is a link to a blog post I did recently all about panelling and where I source the beading etc (DIY panels)

As it turns out a little bit of pink wasn't completely off the cards, when we went to the gorgeous Carpe Diem show room in Marylebone London to design up a bed, they had a beautiful Linen Pink called Azuri Rose, it took me a while to decide and convince Mr H, as there were so many gorgeous organic fabrics to choose from, but in the end the pink won my heart. We went for the slick Reling leg option in black, which I love as a contrast against the soft pink tone chosen to go on the beautiful classic Harmano bed design with a Borno headboard.

Carpe Diem believe that the bedroom should be a beautiful place to unwind, incorporating the three pillars: design, quality, and innovation. Founded by a Swedish chiropractor the brand is inspired by the beauty and serenity of the Swedish West Coast. A belief that would fit in perfectly with my plans!

I loved the whole design process, but the bit that really captured me was testing out the beautifully made beds. The detail that goes into each bed made individually by hand in Sweden is outstanding. The innovative pocket sprung integrated mattress with 5 unique patents on a nordic pine frame design means that when you get on this bed you feel like you are floating on a soft cloud and do not want to leave!

Two months later and the bed arrived, everything from the packaging of the bedlinen to the installation was immaculately presented and thought out. The bed had even been hand signed by the craftsman that had made it, a lovely touch.

I had a lot of fun using the luxurious Carpe Diem bedlinen, hand selected cushions made up in similar fabrics and a faux fur throw to style it up and create a winter retreat. We are pleased with the transformation and how this room has come together, it feels so much more characterful yet cosy and inviting with a calm and relaxed vibe to it. The panelling has added interest and texture to the previously bland walls and draws your eye to the stunning bed.

We are loving the new bedroom and its definitely tempting to hibernate here until spring. I also have to admit I never realised how important the right mattress and bed design is for a good nights sleep.

Paid Collaboration with Carpe Diem Beds of Sweden

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