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How to create three new looks in one space - from baby, toddler to little boys room...

Little did I know how quickly my son would grow out of his sweet yellow toddler bed when purchasing it 2 years ago. He is now 5 years old and boom ready for a bigger bed already! Timing wise this has worked out quite well as my daughter could do with a larger bed too. So we decided to give him hers and upcycle it from its bright pink tone to something a little more neutral and calm to fit in with his current room scheme.

The three transitions so far:

  • Baby

  • Toddler

  • Little boy

By originally using a timeless wall colour (Farrow and Ball Strong White) on the walls, I have managed to make the decor in this room last over 5 years. Simple changes such as changing up the accessories and his bed over the years as he has grown older have help transform the room to suit his age. On moving out of his cot I found the Ikea Minnen bed a perfect low budget transition bed, the adjustable size is really accommodating and the higher sides mean no rolling out of bed in those early days, it also looks super cute! I actually found it quite hard to find a nice toddler bed, a long search was needed. The pastel toned Hovia map safari wallpaper is also a great timeless feature that will stay in his room as he grows up along with a pop of colour on his yellow door. I can see these both being in his room until he is at least 10 years old (fingers crossed). On getting rid of his changing table a few years ago I added a desk from Aspace along with an old school chair, that I gave a little paint up.

To tie in with his pre existing Mural map wallpaper and some already upcycled Made bedside tables, I decided to paint his new house bunk bed in Pea Green by Little Greene, its a gorgeous shade of what I would describe as more a mint green tone.

The house bed had already been prepped with primer and painted up in Farrow and Ball Nancy Blushes, when purchased on Etsy 3 years ago. It was still in great shape, so it was just a case giving it a good clean up and a new lease of life with a new shade.

Three coats later and it was as good as a brand new bed, the mint green looking like it had always been in this room and working perfectly with the pre existing colour scheme. It just goes to show that simple little tweaks can make all the difference especially if you bear the pre existing colour tone and theme in mind.

We now have one very happy little boy who is no longer complaining of a small bed and loves the adventure of sleeping high up with a little den below to chill in.

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