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Client Work 


Before & Afters

East Mosley 12.jpg

Bedrooms Before & After

Office/media Before & After

Living Rooms Before &After

Kitchens/Dining Before & After

Bathrooms Before & After

Children Rooms Before & After

Hallways Before & After

 Leoma has been just amazing. She has encouraged me to steer away from my usual neutrals and introduce more colour and texture. She has entirely taken the stress out of the process for me, from start to finish, from her detailed room plans, site visits, and gorgeous designs, to organising contractors, deliveries and of course, her amazing styling. I am so happy with everything she has done, the rooms look wonderful and now my only dilemma is which room to start next and to make sure she has time to work on our next project! Thank you so much Leoma. I can't wait to see what you will do next".


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