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Around The House At Christmas


Its the busiest time of year and I have been decorating other peoples homes for Christmas this year too, a first for me and a lot of fun, but I have had to make a conscious effort to put some time aside to also decorate our own home, which I love doing. Over the years my style has changed from colourful to monochrome, bold to delicate and now I would say that the decor around our house is mix of all these things. I thought I would share a few of my favourite pics mostly from this year, but a few have crept in from the last 2 years too. 



I made this garland a couple of years ago, using fresh pine and flowers mixed with baubles and pine cones. Every one loved it, the only problem, was that there wasn't space for food on the table, so we had to dish up everyones plate first. Its actually really easy to make a garland, all you need to do is create a nice full bunch of pine/foliage then another and wire them all together going forward in the same direction while you keep adding. I then place the flowers, baubles etc on top. Giving it a good mist of water everyday makes it last a while too, this one made all the way to NYE!


I am so pleased with our Christmas tree this year, its definitely up there as a favourite, we went for a large 9ft Nordmann pine, which has barely dropped a needle! I was however slightly concerned I didn't have enough decor for it, but some trusty small honeycomb balls came to the rescue and filled the void, I also love the texture and colour they bring to a tree I discovered this last year when in a similar situation. This years colour scheme is gold, copper and green, I found some beautiful copper sparkly baubles at Amara Living and somehow thats how the theme evolved.



I made this wreath on a willow base for the front door, using fresh foliage and flowers, this base doesn't retain the water as much as  a moss one, but knowing how much hydrangeas love water, I thought this style would look good dried too. 3 weeks on it has dried up quite a bit now, but still looks beautiful. And the peacock feathers still give a fresh colourful feel. 


Inspired by last years branch that kept on giving... (It will be getting its very own blog post) A few more branches have popped up around the house. The kids love the advent calendar that I have hung on a branch from the garden in their playroom. I just added little numbered box houses that we used last year from Not on the High  and put treats for both the kids inside, its a fun way to make sure they are getting something nice each day. The hallway is looking pretty with its very own branch display too. 



And here it is, the branch we have had in our house for one whole year now. Its been so much fun decorating it differently throughout the seasons and family events. This year it has a bit more of a dramatic look in comparison to how it was decorated last year (below). I have hung very large drop baubles in various lengths above the table giving it a wave effect. It looks so pretty at night when the tree lights are lit up and the little fairy lights are on. 



Last years branch had a much softer feel, with glass baubles soft pinks golds and pretty paper snowflakes that gave it a very delicate feel.


The garland around the banisters was a lot more structured last year, I went for some bold green honeycomb balls in mixed sizes to break it up a bit. This year I have created more of a sweeping look using faux eucalyptus, little LED fairy lights and paper snowflakes that I have re-used from the branch.



This little garland is a fab way to add some colour to a dresser or door, I made it using preserved eucalyptus and hydrangeas, it so easy to do, all you need is a wooden hoop, which you then simply wire you foliage and flowers onto.  Don't you find you lose bits every year, I like to think that I have been organised in my packing up, but there's always something missing such as these fun LED lights, I had them spread all around the house last year and they would be out again if I could find them.  

We had friends over for lunch at weekend, so I gave the Christmas table set up a little test... A lot of brass and green on this table, I might just add a table cloth but other than that I'm ready to go on the decor front, just a whole load of presents and food to still sort out...  



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