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Dec the halls...

I have got a little carried away with Christmas decor this year, my four year old daughter is so excited by Christmas, its not hard to get caught up in all the excitement too, though I do love a bit of festive decor, so any excuse really... 

The wreath is up on our newly blushed door, I am so happy I went for this pink in the end, it adds such a nice warmth to the entrance hall. I made this wreath from scratch with moss and wire as a base and built it up from there. It is quite simple this year, usually I add ribbon dried oranges etc

With an 18 week old puppy and a 2 year old in the house, the Christmas tree needed to be in a room that could be shut off. It is usually always in this room, so instead I got a branch from the garden and hung it from the ceiling with some pretty baubles and snowflakes. I have had so many compliments on this and as it is unreachable no damage can be done! 

I really struggled to find a garland that would go up the full length of the stairs, so had to use three in the end, luckily I got a good black Friday deal on these and any excuse to get honeycomb balls out, I had these already and  love the colour pop against the black bannisters...  

This style wreath was a first for me, I love all the scandi style ones that are out there at the moment, so decided to make my own and a few extra as Christmas gifts too. This is made out of preserved flowers and foliage, so should last a few years. Its always so nice to get back into a bit of floristry with my this time of year! I set up Harpers Bloom a few years ago, but it has been taking a bit of a back seat lately, as my focus has been on interiors.  

and finally the tree, which unfortunately has already had a few casualties! All glass has had to moved a fair bit higher up... 

Merry Christmas! 


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