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One Spooky Branch - How to get the look

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

The branch in our dining room has become more and more dramatic over the years. From the bare minimum decor back in 2017, it is now becoming more of a statement piece with dramatic colours and textures being added for a fuller cascading look, skimming across the top of our dining room table. Halloween is a great excuse for something a little more spooky and I went to town last year with one of my favourite looks.

Keen for a dramatic monochrome vibe and a spooky element, I started with some black honeycomb pom pom garlands (I have added where all items are from below) and draped these across the branch in waves, I then added cut out paper bats and spiders, these looked brilliant trapped in the round glass candle baubles.

I found some black candle holders at Ikea and added a mix of black and white candles to them along with more cut out bats and spiders and some faux white pumpkins that I found on Amazon and some dried poppy heads. It was all put together while the kids were at school so the look on their faces when they came home was priceless! Initially slightly weary they eventually came to love it and have asked for similar this year, though i'm not sure I can get rid of the pampas cloud just yet...

I often get asked how we hang our branch, we are very lucky to have two beams either side of this room space, which we hang it off using strong twine, 4 years on and its still hanging! If you don't have beams you can always use ceiling hooks. I have seen a few branch displays hung off these and they work a treat. The branch is from a pine tree that we cut back in our garden at the time, it needed a good dry off, so we left it on the underfloor heating for a good few days, before suspending it. I can't actually believe its still here all these years on, its been so much fun giving it a new look each season.

Happy Halloween!

Leoma x

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