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Three Years, Three looks, One Advent Calendar

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

I purchased these little advent ginger bread house boxes over 3 years ago, thinking they would last just that one year, however 3 Years later, they are still going strong! The kids love them and they are the perfect size to fit fun toys in along with a little treat inside. Considering how rough the kids can be at times, these little houses are still in pretty good nick, though I have had to be very careful, putting each individual house away safely all of the 24 days, but its been worth it, as they are so fun, I love styling them up differently each year, plus what a great upcycle!  


I kept it simple with two sweet little string cascades all in a row and some festive snowflake lighting. They were each filled with chocolate coins and fun party bag gifts. Which we later regretted. The chocolate coins were not a good idea! We couldn't light the stove for 24 days! 


Inspired by the branch above our table, I decided to hang them all on a branch found in the garden alongside some paper snowflakes, minus the chocolates!  

2019: and this is what I have rustled up this year... 

It all started on a dog walk last weekend, with my son collecting sticks and inspiration from some vivid Pinterest memories.  I decided it would be fun to make a stick tree so we all ended up on a collecting mission in the forest. 

We initially dried out the sticks, the under floor heating helped, then we created the shape of a tree, cutting the sticks down to size. Then I tied it all together using twine to loop around each individual stick a couple of times, creating a triangle/tree like shape. 

I entwined some little battery operated LED wire lights around the sticks and a fir branch to the bottom, that we also came across on the walk. The treats most of which were purchased at Flying Tiger (not impressed with all the packaging on these small items), were added to the little card houses, which were then hung on the sticks combined with a few subtle festive tree decorations, a mix I have collected over the years from The White Company, Layered Lounge and H&M home.

Apart from the treats, this is such a cost effective way of doing advent and a lot of fun for all to take part in. No idea what I am going to do next year, but I had better get my thinking cap on!  

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