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Toy Kitchen Upcycle - I wish I could have a pink kitchen...

With full intentions to get back to blogging after the Christmas break in January, my little break has ended up being a lot longer than planned, writers block!  I have done quite a few bits around the house though and have plenty of things to talk about. So I thought I would ease myself back in slowly with the little kitchen revamp I spontaneously did the other month to my daughters toy kitchen.

We have had this kitchen since my daughter was a one year old, so with over four years of being bashed about, it was looking pretty sad and tired. Initially I was planning to paint it a nice navy blue colour to work for both my daughter and son, but as always the pink got the better of me and to be honest you can get away with this one,  with its black pigments it isn't too feminine at all, I also had loads left over in the garage from a previous project, so it was meant to be! 

The original kitchen was a pale blue design by Tidlo, I think you can still get it from shops such as John Lewis. Alongside the pink I wanted to add some brass tones to areas that were silver. I also had grand ideas on wallpapering the door panel in a fun print, but after giving this a go, it was swiftly removed and I decided to keep it simple, created a whole new look just using two different paints. 

It had to be the pink...  (Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink) 

I had some primer ready to be used, but on doing a little patch test in Estate EggshellI found that it went on really well and didn't budge, so the primer wasn't needed. I simply gave the whole kitchen a good clean and once dried applied the paint directly on to it. It must have been due to this particular surface, as I have heard of other people trying this on different designs and needing primer,  in normal cases I would definitely recommend the primer such as Zinsser if you have time, just in case. 

I also randomly had some Liquid Leaf gold metallic paint in the garage that I had found on Amazon last year to  use in my daughters room. This worked a treat on the handles, shelves and tap. You do however need to make sure the first layer is completely dry before touching up as it got very gloopy when layered. I found out the hard way and had to give up on the tricky oven knobs, they proved to be way too fiddly, so only one got painted and the rest are still silver. They do say mixing metals is now in... haha.  The finish is amazing though, a really bright shimmering gold colour. 

This pink and gold work beautifully together and the kitchen is fully transformed!  Which has got me thinking wouldn't our kitchen look nice in this colour combination?!? 

​Before After

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