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Thinking PINK...

It all started with a little sample pot of Calamine... I have since painted the bench in our hallway, the dolls house and our entire bedroom pink. To be fair my pink obsession started in our first house 9 years ago, when I painted the entire downstairs loo in a bright luminous pink, since then the tone has definitely calmed down a bit. I love a pink accent around the house, though I might have to put my paint brush down for a bit whilst my husband gets over the bedroom!  I also love painting the inside of doors a nice bright colour, when we moved made the inside of the downstairs loo door pink and my daughter insisted on the same in her room, so lets throw in two pink doors to the list above and thats not counting cushions, throws and accessories!  

The bedroom has just been painted in the beautiful dusky warm pink called Pink Ground.

This bench used to be a dull grey colour, its the first thing you see on entering the house and I think that it looks so much better in this gorgeous Calamine colour.

My daughters door in Nancy Blushes, we have the same colour on the back of our door to the downstairs loo. 

The dolls house, so much better in Calamine to is previous dull beige tone.  I got all the colours from Farrow and Ball, a massive fan...  

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