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The Playroom

Now the playroom, this room was initially a very bland through room, with no windows, relying heavily on light from the doors to the dining area, the fireplace had been blocked up and it literally felt like a walk through room to get to another one... So we opened it up to join the dining area, changed to floor to solid wood, opened up the fireplace and put a stove in. Painted either side with blackboard paint, put up some picture rails and filled it with pictures and fun kids accessories and toys.  It is now a room, if not the most fun room in the house!  The first thing I got was the pink sofa and the rest has been gradually added over the last two years, in fact too much gets added, which means a regular de-clutter is often required.

The key to keeping the clutter at bay, is lots of storage, you can't have enough baskets, stacking boxes and drawers for all the little bits. Baskets are so easy to throw things into at the end of the day and look good too!



Source list: 

Sofa -

Toy kitchen - Tidlo 

Lamb bookcase - Rowen and Rren 

Teepee - Wildfire teepees 

Play table - GLTC 

Book rack - GLTC 

Playmatt - Wildfireteepees 

Drawers storage units x2- Cox and Cox 

Boxes - GLTC 

Play sign - Daisy's and Dinosaurs 

Neon heart - Violet and Thistle

Baskets - John Lewis 

Cotton baskets- Wildfire teepees 

personalised storage box: Plantabox

Stove - Morso 

Paint - Strong White Farrow and Ball 

Chalkboard paint: Escos paints

Picture frames - The White Company, Cox and Cox, Ikea and Brissi



All about simple but stylish interior tweaks around the home, that make a massive difference and transform it into a beautiful living space.
You will find lots of helpful tips here. Whether its simply moving things around,

re-painting, a full on style change or just simply styling what you already have i.e the clutter! 

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