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Summer Blooms Around The House

After I had my first child I worked in floristry for a while, it took off quite quickly, as I started doing displays for lots of previous clients in the public relations world, which is what I used to do before having children. I still style the odd event now and then, but what I love most is having flowers around the house. 

How could I resist when One.World approached me to create some summer floral vibes in my own home using their stunning vases! I have kept the styles quite simple, so it's easy to replicate and even managed to use some fresh flowers from the garden. 

A rustic country garden look, using a simple mix of white stock and small roses in the beautiful Birkdale Squat Vase.

I have really got into using trays to add a bit of interest to the centre of a coffee table lately, using the vase above you can create a completely different look by simply popping it on a beautiful mirror tray with candle sticks, tea lights and a little glass cloche over a rose head.​

A summer posy in the gorgeous Goodwood vase. So pleased to have been able to pick some beautiful fresh Alliums straight from the garden for this little bunch. 

This Sudbury vase is so elegant, all it needs is a few sprigs of tall stems such as Larkspur flowers and you have a beautiful display on your hands!  ​

The Birkdale urn full of roses, so classic and elegant. I used preserved roses to make this one as they last ages so you can keep it on display for years to come...  

How gorgeous are these two vases! The silver Claymore vase simply styled with some large artificial dried agapanthus stems and the Albany ribbed  bowl filled with peonies and a mixed selection of buds and foliage from the garden. I have recently started to use herbs such as mint and rosemary within my foliage, it makes the whole display smell divine. 

and finally I do love a flower cluster on the dining room table. Mixing vases of all shapes and sizes with varied displays gives such a gorgeous focal point to a room and adds depth and interest to a table. 

All the above vases, candleholders, mirrored tray & votives are from



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