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Seasonal Crafting Over Easter

Decorating eggs for Easter is something that I will always remember doing as a child. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I found it more exciting than Christmas back then, perhaps it was all the colours and the thought of all the yummy chocolates in store! So when I was approached by Hobby Craft to collaborate this easter and do some fun crafting with the kids, I was all over it. What perfect timing for some Easter holiday fun.

The super cute ceramic bunnies were the first items to catch my eye, perfect for characterful table decor. They are actually very pretty in their original white colour, ideal for table placements, that can be tailored and personalised to your hearts content, however it was all about adding some colour when presenting them to my daughter, so we went for it and colourful they are!


We used soft pastel shades of green, yellow and pink from the ready mixed paint range, which covered the ceramics beautifully, and then added pretty little Paper Flowers to the bunnies and a touch of Glitter Glue for that extra shimmer and sparkle. We left a couple in the white and just added some extra flowers to these. 

Then on to the eggs, for the branch. This branch has become a permanent feature in our home. It has ever-changing looks that are tailored for all occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas etc, we have had it for over a year now and I love the challenge of decorating it differently for each celebration. Between occasions it has simple glass tea light holders hanging from it that gives it more of a light installation feel, but all the colour and fun comes out for festivities such as Easter. 

These hanging wooden eggs were a lot of fun to decorate, and unbreakable too,  which meant my son could join in the fun. We painted them in all the colours, finished some off with a dusting of the Bio glitter (biodegradable glitter) adding stripes, spots, you name it with the glitter glue!  

Once dry the branch was ready to be decorated, with the most fun and colourful decorations it has had to date!  It was so nice to have children involved  in the process of putting it all together this time, they love a bit of arts a crafts especially my daughter (5) who can craft away for hours on end...  

I used transparent string to hang the eggs at different heights to give a wave feel. Last year they were all the same length, however the more I decorate this branch I have realised that its much nicer having a few decorations hanging lower over the table. 

The colourful rabbits found their friends along the centre of the the  table alongside some seasonal potted plants that I got from a local garden centre and that's our Easter table sorted!  Easter we are ready for you... 

Wishing every one a wonderful Easter break! 

Disclaimer:  This is a paid collaboration with . I chose and put together all the above decorations and as always only ever work with items I love!  


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