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One Lucky Little Girl - my 5 year olds bedroom update

Welcome to her ever so girly haven... 

When moving into our house 3 years ago, this room was mainly just used for sleeping as my daughter was still in her cot at the time, so initially it had a quick lick of white paint, balloon wallpaper put on a feature wall with fitted shelves over it, alongside a new floor and radiators,  which were also updated throughout the house.  Other than that I left it pretty neutral and dressed it with fun pretty accessories and toys. 


This is what it was like for a while before the recent updates.

However this year my daughter has started use the room a lot more. She loves going to her room to read, draw and play,  so I decided to update it a bit to suit her age, by adding a fun bunk bed alongside a new desk.  I created a wall to wall desk space under the shelves using Ikea units and adding a cut to size white worktop, making it look more interesting with some fun colourful handles. I used some spice racks as shelves behind this and painted them up in bright colours using old sample pots. The new bed is a fun house frame bunk bed that I have painted pink, I have created a cosy snug area full of cushions at the bottom and the top is where she sleeps. The whole room has also had a refresh with a lick of paint in Little Greene French Grey and I have added some pretty metallic gold stars to the wall by her bed. ​

I found the bed on Etsy, its sold by a seller called SilverElk. We are really happy with it, its a very sturdy wood frame. The idea is that she will sleep at the top and the bottom area with be a fun snug area she can read and hang out it which will double up for sleep overs in a few years time. We painted it up in Farrow and Ball Nancy Blushes to match the inside of her door which is also that pink. 

After a lot of patch testing we settled on Little Greene French Grey Mid for the walls as it goes so well with the Nancy Blushes Pink and I added some beautiful metallic wall stickers stars to the walls beside her bedside by Nutmeg Wallart Stickers and some garland of coloured lights by Cotton Ball Lights. I also found a gorgeous selection of cushions from H&M Home which I added to ones we already had for a fun snug area at the bottom. 

The desk area:  To create this I used a plain white Ikea work top cut down to size and two of the Ikea Eket range cabinets on which I then fixed the work top. The reason I chose the Eket cabinets is the they are only 35cm deep which worked perfectly for this set which I didn't want to stick out too much. 

I found some really cute handles to pop on one of the Eket cabinets these were also an Etsy find sold by The Leather Handle Company and painted up three spice wracks from Ikea using old sample pots to go above the desk. The colours used were Little Greene Yellow: Mister David Green: Aquamarine Deep and Pink: Little Piggy by Fusion mineral paints. 

And here it is all finished... Ooh and I also painted the chair, another Ikea purchase, using some remaining Farrow and Ball Babouche Yellow paint. 

The pink door has stayed and this wall has had a few fun items which were originally above her bed added to it alongside these colourful GLTC wall houses. I must update that number 4, haha... 

She is so delighted with her new room and loves hanging out in it a lot more now, especially when she has friends over.

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