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Creating A Little Space For Tea

Tea is my go to for that instant moment of calm in a very busy house, as soon as I have my mug to hand I feel all tensions seem to melt way. I can totally relate to the whole 'Cha' tea ceremony in China and how special the ritual of tea is within history, creating that special moment in time to drink your tea. Perhaps this has all stemmed from that feeling of comfort you get taking that first sip! 

With national Tea day just past, what better way to celebrate tea in collaboration with Laura Ashley and create a Tea Station, using the gorgeous items above. This station gives me easy access to my tea ritual with everything in one space, not only that, every time I walk past, it will remind me to have a quick peaceful moment in time and make a cup of tea. The kitchen Island is definitely the best spot for this, as I will never miss it, despite ours being slightly tucked in a corner, it is always the area that everyone gravitates to, so the perfect spot for a tea station. 

The rustic Water Hyacinth Round Tray is the perfect container to hold my English Breakfast tea alongside the Sliver Effect Sugar Caddy and very pretty mugs from the Lisette Steel range, the natural weave adds a gorgeous  warm texture to this setting. I also wanted to create a bit of height, so used a Glass cake stand to create this and then popped the small Glass Jar filled with fresh lemons on top,  alongside the very elegant Jossette Cup and Saucers for that more indulgent tea and the Lissette Glass Tea Pot. The gorgeous aroma of the Lavender and Camomile candle helps create that warm inviting scene especially for guests. 

Making up a little tea station has created an area not only helps me relax just looking at it, but also reminds me to make that cup of tea and gives me easy access to everything that I need, it also adds a lovely focal point to the island, which can look very bare at times and is a great area to catch up socially with friends over a cup of tea. With Autumn quickly drawing in and the days getting colder it is so nice having a little area dedicated to feel good ritual in the home. 

Disclaimer: This is a paid collaboration with I chose and styled the items mentioned and as always only ever work with products I love!  ​



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