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Adding a Splash of Colour to the Garden

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I have done plenty of upcycling in the house, but never outdoors. I was always pretty wary, as wasn't sure what paint would withstand the elements and still look good. So when Ronseal approached me to collaborate, I was delighted to find their colourful Garden Paint range. Available in 24 colours, it can be used on almost anything, i.e wood, metal, terracotta, brick and despite being a water based paint is said to last for up to 5 years at the same time as adding protection.  Having used the Ronseal teak oil for years on our outdoor table, I know their products work.

Choosing what to paint was easy, during lockdown my hideout has been in the front garden. I created a little coffee table set up, using very tired chairs and a table that we have had for approx 12 years, I remember getting them for our first flat and its little patch of garden. They had been redundant in the shed for a while, but as I have discovered recently, they are perfect for the front, which is south facing, so always catching the sun. We also have a slightly ageing Wendy house in the garden for the kids that I have been meaning to paint up and make more fun for a while, so these two area's made for a perfect project to test out the Garden Paint.  

Keen on a green for the bistro coffee table and chairs, I tested out Sage, Clover and Mint. With it's gorgeous blue toned green colour the Sage stole my heart and in the end I used it on both!

I gave the bistro set a good clean followed by a brush over with a wired brush, then a thorough sand down. This was followed by a coat of Ronseal All Surface Primer, which is recommended when using the paint on a metal surface, as it helps it stick. Once dry the first coat was applied. I was very impressed by how well the paint went on, giving a good coverage with just the first coat, it also dried really quickly. Two coats later and our coffee table set now looks as good as new!

Next up, the Wendy house in our back garden. We have had this little house for over 5 years. It was in desperate need of some much needed TLC. Despite being cute it really stuck out, so I was very keen to make it blend in, so after a few patch tests I was drawn to the green tones again.

I was also tempted to add a touch of pale pink, so tested Cherry, but felt it stood out a bit too much so then reverted back to my favourite, Sage for the main body and Clover for the door and windows to add a bit of contrast. Two coats later and again we had amazing coverage alongside a very different looking house!  It looks so much better and matches the green of the garden blending into the bushes behind. I wanted it to have a beach hut feel so added a little door number at the top. Why I hadn't painted it before now, I don't know, this is a much better look! 

I have loved using these brilliant Garden Paint colours by Ronseal. They have totally transformed the two areas in the garden. Who knew it was so easy to add colour outdoors, I am now tempted to paint up some pots!

Thank you for reading and happy painting! xxx

Disclaimer: This is a paid collaboration with Ronseal. I chose and used all the items mentioned myself. As always I only ever work with products I am passionate about. ​



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